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Visa FAQ

I would like to apply for a short term visa. How do I apply?


You can read more about short term visas for Denmark How to apply for a visa (
Please visit the following webpage for information regarding the Schengen visa form.
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How long does it take to get a visa?

The Danish mission has 15 days to make a decision on your visa application from the date the mission receives your passport, application and biometrics. In some cases, the processing time can be extended to 45 days, when further case processing is needed.

Please note: There is no need for you or your Danish reference to contact the Embassy within the first seven working days.

When should I hand in my visa application?

Planning ahead and handing in the application as soon as possible is always a good idea since unforeseen problems, such as incomplete documentation, may arise and prolong the case processing time. However, a visa application cannot be accepted if handed in more than six months before the intended departure.

How long can I remain in the Schengen area, if I hold a short-term Schengen visa?

A visa grants you the right to stay in the entire Schengen area for the duration of the granted days (Note: Always check the visa sticker, when your passport is returned to you, in order to ascertain that the visa covers what you actually applied for).

Do I need to apply for a visa in person?

Applicants need to appear in person for the collection of biometric data: ten fingerprints and a photograph are collected from persons applying for a visa. Before the recording of the photo, applicants may be asked to remove glasses or adjust head covering if facial features are not visible. Certain categories of applicants are exempt from the requirement to give fingerprints, namely:    

Children under the age of 12

Persons for whom fingerprinting is physically impossible

Heads of State and members of national governments, and members of their official delegations when invited for an official purpose

Where should I submit my documents?

Your documents must be submitted with VFS Global in Accra, Ghana. You can read more here: Welcome to VFS Global | vfsglobal

Can I travel with a visa issued in my old/expired passport?

In principle you can travel with a visa issued in an expired passport. However, the Embassy recommends that the applicant has the visa transferred to the new passport at the representation, where it was issued, to avoid any problems when travelling.

Do I need a medical travel insurance to apply for a visa?


Yes. Proof of health insurance must be submitted along with your visa application. The following three items must be covered by the insurance:



It is preferable that the minimum coverage of EUR 30,000 is not divided up into these items. However, if this is the case, the minimum sum insured for each item should as a main rule be EUR 10,000. Importantly, the insurance must cover the effective period that you stay in Denmark/Schengen as well as:


  • repatriation for medical reasons
  • urgent medical attention
  • emergency hospital treatment

My application was sent to the Danish Immigration Service. Why?

There may by various reasons for this. Each application is evaluated individually and based on the applicant’s profile, including purpose of visit and intention to return.

The Danish Embassy will decide to grant either a “bona fide” visa, to refuse a visa or to send the visa application to the Danish Immigration Service for further investigation (e.g. verification of Danish reference, family/friend relations, previous stays/overstays in the Schengen area, risk of illegal immigration and more).

I received my visa, but how do I read the sticker?

It is crucial that you check the information on the sticker before travelling as the Danish Embassy n cannot be held liable if a mistake has occurred when printing the visa sticker. How to read your sticker: New to Denmark (

There is a difference between the number of days in my sticker and the total period of stay. How long can I stay in Schengen?

You are allowed to stay in Schengen for the number of days in the field 'DURATION OF STAY………DAYS'. The period 'FROM - UNTIL' is longer to allow flexibility regarding entry and exit within the mentioned period in case of an emergency. So the total stay must never exceed the number of days in 'DURATION OF STAY………DAYS'.

Am I allowed to work in the Schengen area, if I hold a short-term Schengen visa?

No. A visa does not allow you to take up employment or establish a business, trade or profession in the Schengen area. However, during visits of less than three months you may carry out certain work-related activities without holding a work permit. More information is available on the website of the Danish Immigration Service about visas and work permits.

I already hold a valid Schengen visa (I have not used up all the days in the visa), but I wish to apply for a new visa. What do I do?

You must apply for a new visa at the Embassy of the representing country to be visited and the current visa will be cancelled by the Embassy.

I am a family member of an EU/EEA/Swiss citizen. What rules apply for me?

Family members of an EU/EEA/Swiss citizen who is exercising his/her right of free movement in Denmark have the right to have their visa application processed in accordance with EU regulations.
More information is available on the website of the Danish Immigration Service.

I want to visit Finland, Sweden, Iceland, Greenland or Faroe Islands and need information on how to apply

The same visa rules apply to all Schengen countries. You can read about the visa requirements here: How to apply for a visa (

I have overstayed my visa, what do I do?

The validity of a short stay visa is maximum 90 days within a six-month period. Those 90 days may be spread across one or more visits.

When you receive your visa, you will also receive an ‘information sheet’ from the Danish Embassy. It is very important that you familiarise yourself with the information as it explains, how you read your visa sticker.

Misuse and overstay of a visa could mean that you will be prevented from obtaining a new visa for up to 5 years.

  • Should you overstay your visa in Denmark or another Schengen country for 1 day - 1 month, you will not be eligible for a new visa for a period of 3 years.

  • If you overstay your visa in Denmark or another Schengen country for more than 1 month - or if you are expelled from Denmark - or if you apply for asylum in Denmark or another Schengen country when you are there on tourist or business visa, you will not be eligible for a new visa for a period of 5 years

    If you receive a penalty for overstaying, you have the right to appeal the decision.
    Read more: New to Denmark (

I will be traveling with minors; is there anything I should know?

When a parent or guardian is travelling with a child below 18 years of age, there are special rules for the kind of documentation which must be submitted.

In addition to an unabridged and certified birth certificate of the minor, a parent travelling alone with the minor must also submit a certified marriage certificate, copy of the spouse's passport/ID as well as a certified consent form, signed by the parent staying home.

A single/divorced parent must furthermore submit a court order documenting that he/she has sole custody. If the divorced parents share custody, the parent not travelling must still sign the consent form allowing the child to travel.

If one parent is deceased, proof in the form of a death certificate must be submitted with the application and the above mentioned documents.

The Embassy will always call the parent staying home to confirm, even though he/she has already signed the consent form permitting the child to travel.

I would like to go for tourism but have never travelled before, can I go?

It is always advised to consult the rules with regards to the types of visas given for the various categories of applicants. You can read more here: New to Denmark (

I was refused a visa and would like to appeal, what should I do?

If your application for a Schengen visa has been denied, you may appeal the decision. The refusal letter given to you will explain the appeal procedure in detail. Information about the appeal and complaint procedure can also be found at New to Denmark (

Can I use an agent to assist with the visa application process?

The Embassy strongly advises against use of agents. If you have any questions regarding obtaining a visa, please contact the Embassy directly.

Do I need to submit my bank statement if my travel is being sponsored?

All persons are requested to provide proof of pocket money, usually in the form of a personal bank statements, even if the trip is fully sponsored. Visit  New to Denmark ( for information on how much pocket money one should have.